The Foxglove line is made up of the only Elven house in the unity of Krolner.

A long bond between the city district of Ironhelm and the Foxglove estate has allowed the safety of an Elven house to thrive in a heavily Dwarfen country.

Although not being in a direct trade route, Foxglove strives by securing vast trading networks from other Elven dominated nations, such as Skalta and Llanishae.

The district of Foxglove also boasts providing very skilled diplomats; creating bonds with many Elven cities such as Lissomn in the Kingdom of Tahl and Jayorn in Vynnaria

The Foxglove estate borders with Fursly to the west, Ord on the south-west, Penrys to the south and Ironhelm to the east.

It is a part of the five clans that border on the Northern White’s great ice sheet and the only access to the estate is through the Elven pass from Ironhelm’s Elven district, the bridge to Ord and the trading route on the same path leading to the Cross in Penrys.


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