Tivlae is the smallest nation in the kingdoms.


It’s land once belonged to the Eliph Empire before the great war. It’s bowled mountain range served as a giant wall holding millions of Gnome & Orc slaves alongside thousands of wartime prisoners. The White wall passage was cut from the Eliph lands on Stavva and connected to gnome populated islands miles out to sea. Once the route was wided, millions of gnomes were kidnapped and taken to their base of operations, inside the Tivlae mountains, where they would then be sold off across the kingdoms.

When the Kingdom of Tahl began it’s invasion of the Eliphs, Gnome slaves rioted across it’s nation, most uprisings were crushed in the other Eliph cities and towns, but few managed to take over in the Tivlae valleys; their successes were rapid and soon captured the entire lands between the Tivlae mountains.
Once the Tahl forces reached the Odlum river, some prisoners escaped through the deserts of an occupied Sylvia, but many chose to stay.
Unfortunately, the Tahls were the largest purchasers of slaves, many were taken to Bratharde (Tahl’s capitol) for labour work.

The remaining slaves and prisoners kicked out their former captors and set up a new nation for themselves and named it after the mountains that once penned them in. They sent messengers across the kingdoms that their home would be place for any slave or refugee.

Prittle, the capitol, is the newest city in the kingdoms, built up around 10 years after the war. . The entire land is cut off from the world except for a passage following the Odlum river and a treacherous walk over the mountains, being so cut off from everything, few villages or towns set up before the Eliphs lost the lands.


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