Tag: Elven


  • Foxglove

    The Foxglove line is made up of the only Elven house in the unity of [[Krolner | Krolner]]. A long bond between the city district of [[Ironhelm | Ironhelm]] and the Foxglove estate has allowed the safety of an Elven house to thrive in a heavily …

  • Eliph Empire

    The Eliph Empire is a western country on the Stavvan continent. Pring, became the country's capital shortly after grand war when Toale was toppled. Scholars have agreed that the downfall of the Eliph Empire began with the signing of the Elven treaty …

  • Bayll

    Bayll is an Elven country on the west of the Oltvvian continent. They're part of the Etter Alliance.