Vynnaria (Vin-air-ria) is the most easterly nation on the northern continent of Stavva named after it’s Elven people.


During the war, Vynnaria’s first female Empress, Iynal Vranna, (E-eye-nal) expanded her country into many foreign territories; Yinnok, Usai, Zolease, Baalsohn, Covelh and the Isles of Kaphurkae.

As war broke out between other nations, Iynal had already began plans for her own war.
Ohk was already being set up with the help of Yinnok’s Orcs, as a form of unity between orc tribes. It was merely an thinly veiled effort to build a standing Orc army to either later invade northern clans of Krolner, or serve as a front line against any Dwarfen invasions.

During Yinnok’s tribal unification, the Treaty of Thama was signed between Vynnaria, Usai & Zolease. Promising military aid should one be invaded.

Iynal began a campaign of false flag operations. A small fleet of ships were captured from Baalsohn and repainted to look like Zolease vessels, they were then used to attack Usai’s capitol Thama. The surviving vessels were commanded to revert back to it’s original colours and port in Baalsohn’s neighbouring island port on Covelh.

Similar tactics such as burning crops, destruction of governmental or royal buildings and attacks lead to Usai declaring war on Zolease. Because the previous treaty only stated military aid if one was invaded, Vynnaria argued that they could not support aid to either state, as it would breach the treaty to the third party involved. Whilst feigning neutrality, many military leaders were assassinated and replaced with puppet members of Vynnaria.

Iynals plans for Baalsohn and Covelh did not work as expected. The two countries met despite the looming tension; they eventually signed the Eastern Pact treaty along with the Isles of Kaphurkae and five former Dwarfen clans of Krolner (Maughan, Oxley, Lehr, Haeng & Snedden.

Usai and Zolease, under Vynnaria’s secret command, came to an impasse; after a long debate hosted by Iynal herself, Usai and Zolease settled their differences with out further conflict as recent “evidence” provided by Vynnarian intel, proved the original false flag attacks were actually instigated by the Covelh government. Together, Vynnaria, Usai and Zolease declared war on Covelh.

The Eastern treaty aided Colvelh in battle, seeing many naval battles in the Quiet Sea and in the Neither-Tides.


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