Krolt is the former collection of some of the most southern clans that once made up part of Krolner.
They make up all of, or portions, of the following clans: Deigord, Whyte, Maddock, Augusten, Linthwaite, Dekke, Alefrin, Tomlin and Oxley.

The name derives from the compound of two Dwarfen words: Krol, meaning clan and Olt, meaning south.


Krolt’s flag uses the green field colour from it’s capitol’s banner, belonging to the Deigord clan. It also features the Royal gold cross but with a white saltire cross interrupting. It indicates they no longer recognise the royal family as their ruler, but still respect their rule, while the white cross is an invitation of peace; that Krolt will always welcome their former king and his people to their lands.


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