Kingdom of Tahl

The Kingdom of Tahl is the largest nation on the continents of Stavva and Oltvva.


Historicity, the human nation of Boyle surrounded the Grand Lakes and reached Harringer mountains. Over time, their military expansions gained land from the Aphell mountain range under Skalta control to the first of the Four Sister rivers, Haedwyn.

During the Great War, The Kingdom of Boyle began expanding expanding into other nation’s territories. With Krolner busy with a civil unrest with their southern clans, and a now strong Vynnaria creeping into their eastern borders. Boyle seized opportunity to invade weakened Krolner clans.

Vickers’ Wall of Krolner and Sylvia was built in joint effort by the two nations to protect their lands from frequent Tahl invasions. The Tahl royalty believed that the vast stretch of land between the Vym river and the small spine of mountains in Krolner to be a part of their home land. Many humans lived in these lands, and were ethnic Tahls.

The Aphell mountains served as a natural border from Skalta, whilst the Vym river created the border from Sylvia. Finally, the river Haedwyn, created a natural boundary between Krolner.

Kingdom of Tahl

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