Ironhelm is the capital city of Krolner and resides in the most northern district of the same name. It was one of the very first and few clans to form as far back as the second age. The name derives from the vast network of iron mines in it’s local area. However, the origin for the suffix, “Helm” is mystery, as it’s name pre-dates the formation of any historical clans that resided near an ocean and Ironhelm has always been a part of a landlocked district.

The city began as a small trading village called Caldyrix, close to the half way point on the main north-south mountain pathway. The route benefited from the very large valley between the two main mountain ranges. The town grew to a substantial population and soon began attracting traders on it’s own right, compared to being a convenient stopping point.

Caldyrix suffered greatly when the Northern Whites descended further south. Much of their crops and cattle died during the first winter forcing much of the population to abandon their homes for warmer climates in the south.
Luckily for the town, vast iron deposits were discovered in the valley, leading to a boom in work and trade once more.

Overpopulation became a problem for Caldyrix. Whilst the mines could support enough workers, the surrounding overground areas were quickly spawning shanty towns outside the castle walls. The king met with all of the local mine owners and struck a deal. They were to sell the king their iron for cheaper tariffs in exchange for lower tax on exports. The iron sold the the royal family was to be used on the construction of the famous platform; an iron floor that stretched across the valley, giving Ironhelm the much needed flat surface area to house the rapidly growing population.

Whilst the platform is the pride of Ironhem, it’s creation is still causing controversy from it’s construction methods. Thousands of Gnome slaves were forced to built the platform, and many of their descendants agree that some remuneration should be paid to the surviving families of the slaves.

The Royal family is of the House Oakhammer clan, who’ve ruled the mountains on Stavva for thousands of years. Wars between rival clans lasted for generations until Kaalucas Oakhammer reached out to their leaders to form a widespread Dwarfen union, after much debate, clashes and time, Krolner encompassed 71 clans, making up over 90% of all dwarfen
populations. (A family tree of the royal family will be available soon)

The royal castle began as a large indoor market on the Caldyrix trading route, created by King Stæl, which served as an overnight stop for travelling merchants and a warm bed during in the cold winters.
As the town grew larger, so did the castle. When the Northern Whites descended south, the trading route became obsolete. Many Northern clans and peoples were pushed into other territories. The market served as a refugee camp whilst people migrated south, but it was burned down by jealous clan leaders who disliked the northern migrants.
The royal quarters remained, so the royal family extended the castle onto the market’s land.

Wards of Ironhelm:

The Elven ward resides in the west of the city. An expensive area of the city accompanied with fine restaurants, public parks and boutique shops. Elven culture is very apparent here, style becomes as important as function, trees grow on every corner and Lissomn glass paves the ward instead of the local stone.
The Elven pass leads out of the city walls from this ward to the Foxglove estate, where the majority of elven based trade takes place in Krolner.

Gnome ward is jammed in the south-east of the city. A run down district that has spilled onto the hills nearby. Whilst it lacks the aesthetics of the Elven ward, the Gnome community is very tight-knit, creating community funds for medicines, spells, home repairs and a safety net for Krolner Gnomes. Simple shops and taverns exist in this area, but usually only operate for non-gnome races. Although illegal, gnomes often barter goods instead of using currency.



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