Welcome to the War of Winter Winds.

Here you’ll find information about the surrounding areas and their histories.

We’ll be starting in the country of Krolner in the city of Ironhelm.

Stavva Northern Continent
Eliph Empire
Kingdom of Tahl

Oltvva Southern Continent
– Bayll
– Skalta
– Oensland
– Drws Empire
– Llanishae

(Much of the information here is still undergoing slight changes. Most of the history I’m creating for this world is based on the maps I’ve generated, however, I’ve not named every river or mountain range yet. So if you encounter any thing in italics, then it’s likely I’ve used a name that’s subject to change or I’ve put the word Mountain or River in it’s place. Or I’ve hit the wrong button by accident. If you guys find any of these, let me know as I might have forgotten about it.)

((I’ve also accidentally named a country that has the same name as a race in Game of Thrones. So if you guys spot ‘Valarya’ anywhere, could you point it out to me as it should now be called Vynnaria. Shut up, I like ‘Vs’ and ‘arias’))

If you have any questions about certain areas or you might want to add some history to your character background. Let me know what you’re after and I’ll fit it into the history as I believe we’re starting in a Dwarfen country without any Dwarfen party members.

Battle of Winter Winds

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